Game Pencil Engine

Create console, desktop and web games
with Game Pencil Engine

Version 1.1.0 BETA now released!

Flexible, Quick & Evolving

Game Pencil Engine is an evolving game engine with smooth changes for developers to quickly prototype, build and ship their games.


Focused Design


Code in JavaScript

Evolving Codebase

Evolving Codebase


Feel Right at Home

Game Pencil is a 2D video game creation tool. It was created from the ground up to create wonderful console, desktop and web games.

The dynamic architecture of the engine is friendly for common programmers and inviting for newcomers in the field of game design. With the usage of minimum “Drag n Drop” components in the editor it allows games to be built intelligently and also openly.

Multi-platform Support

Take full-advantage of our ambition with one-code-base for great platforms.

Wii U Console

Built from the Ground Up

The Game Pencil Engine’s editor and GUI are built with SDL and C++, allowing us to create an efficient game engine with customization in almost every aspect. Each export option has been built from the ground up with a focus on smoother development.

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