Developing the Game Pencil Engine and Editor has been an intense experience.


Currently, i am finishing up some key components in the editor and I must say, there is a possibility that some aesthetics may or may not make the November 16th beta.  The Linux and Mac versions of the editor may not be available until weeks after the Windows version(since I have not gotten a few key file and GUI related things for them working yet).


Resource Editors:

  • The Achievements Editor, has yet to be finished; but will be composed of simple menus(Unsure if compatible with current systems( Steam, WiiU Stamps, Steam , Xbox, PlayStation, etc).
  • The Audio Editor does what it needs to do, but you can not listen to MP3s within the editor(due to licensing and such).  I also need to add a couple more menus inside of it for more customized approaches to audio, but so far so good.
  • The Font Editor, needs to be adjusted to preview fonts and set it’s default size.
  • The Function Editor, still deciding if I should add a parameter textfield or have it automated.
  • The Object Editor also needs to export parental inheritance related data(should be done by tonight).
  • The Particle Editor, Will not be in version 0.2, but planed for 0.3.
  • The Project Settings Editor, not yet started and may be delayed to 0.3
  • The Scene Editor is almost done, with me having to add camera support and statistics tabs.  In regards to the object editor, I  need to update the collision market tab to make sure things scroll nicely in case an object has tons of collisions.
  • The Sprite Editor, a few menus need to added to allow for custom collision boxes of sprites and fix bug where after loading in the resource the preview is unavailable until after looking at sprite data tab.
  • The Texture Editor, Add scroll-ability of texture or resize to max size allowed in preview area.
  • The Video Editor, Will not be able to play videos in the editor but will provide information about files similar to the audio editor


Custom GUI Related Tasks:

  • Drop Down / PopUp Menus needs to be adjusted to be height dynamic and scroll if too many options are available in one column.
  • GUI tables , IF time permits a table consisting of gui elements to be scrollable
  • Slider Bar – To slide from customized range(i.e from 0 to 100) to be implemented.
  • Text Area Editor – I have yet to get syntax highlighting and things like select all going right( That being said, I am coding like crazy to give the text editor the time it deserves).
  • Text Input Field(Numerical), IF time permits will have a up/down button to the right of it.


Export Priority:

  • The first version will only allow for HTML5 targeting and WiiU(Licensed devs only).
  • PC, Mac and Linux builds(via NodeJS or some other software/algorithm) –  After Agriduel is released.
  • Playstation 4 and XboxOne exports(after acquiring licensing/devkits) –  After Agriduel is released.
  • Mobile – Android, iOS and Windows Phone –  After Agriduel is released.
  • Ouya – Due to recent buyout, there is no focus on exporting to OUYA until news reaches about it’s future.
  • OpenPandora, GCW0, Pyre and other open source Linux devices – pending Linux build compatibility.
  • Nintendo NX – Wait til 2016 like everyone else…


Editor Priority

  • Linux and Mac support will be added soon with Linux coming first due to availability of devices to test on. There are also some nearby Macs near me, but Linux takes priority in terms of second OS to use our editor on(Specifically Ubuntu and ArchLinux for starters).


Source Code

  • Currently, the Game Pencil Engine is closed source project. If things change in the future I may provide the code, but as it stands there is no need to make this an open source project.



There is not an auto-updated packaged with the GPE, but I will provide a way for users to check if their version is up to date and manually download newer version with changelogs and such.



Also, I just relaunched our forums. Please join and we are always looking for new moderators.

If you’re interested in being a forum mod, please email us at, it is completely volunteering; but we would love to have a “Safe Space” there.

Wish me luck.