It is with much heartfelt pain that I regret to inform you that Version 0.2 has been delayed. Due to many unforeseen problems and operational issues I was not able to fix some crucial areas within the code to make it possible to keep your projects in the best state. Rather than providing a buggy version I have decided to delay this version until these problems have been resolved.


The latest date planned for this version will be December 1st.


Given, the size of this project experiencing editor crashing bugs had to take priority(I believe I caught them all as of writing this).


Questions & Answers


Q: What gives?! What happened?


A: Due to the Editor for GPE being custom made, there was a few issues that caused hours to fix. The editors in question, being the resource-bar, textarea, dialog boxes and button-bars. Due to the dynamic nature of GameObjects I had to optimize the manner in which they were loaded and saved. This took multiple drafts and community feedback. The Scene Editor also being dynamic required new behaviors to be made.  The actual HTML5 export in itself needs some work in order to make sure scenes, objects and preloaded data is processed correctly. In regards to the Font Editor, more improvements are needed in order to make sure that users are able to experience


Q: When can I play with new version

A: I plan on bringing 0.2 to the public before the end of November 2015.


Q: December 1st 2015, isn’t that too early?

A: I’m rapidly developing, testing and updating this engine and editor and I believe I will be able to make this goal.


Q: December 1st 2015, isn’t that too late?

A: The plan was to delay it by one week, but 1 more week of cushion space should be able to get us over the pothole.


Q: Will you be adding any new platforms into 0.2 then?

A: At this time, 0.2 will stil be fore HTML5 and WiiU export optios with a Windows Editor


Q: How close are you to making the editor/engine work on Mac/Linux?

A: I added a few functions to make this process easider, but in terms of the editor I need to do a little more work. In terms of a Mac/Linux/PC export I have not begun that adventure yet.


Q: What sort of scripting is available in this engine?

A:You are able to code in the Function Resource as well as the GameObject Resource via PencilScript. PencilScript is VERY SIMILAR to JavaScript.



Q: Is there anything I can do to help?

A: Yes, please join our forums.



Once again, sorry for this delay. I truly have tried to make the November 16th deadline; but it is best to delay a product then release a rushed sloppy one.