Updated Version 1.0.2 coming very soon

Since the release of Version 1.0.1 the amount of users dramatically increased of the Game Pencil Engine. This is primarily because of the release of the two separate deluxe and free versions. There were many bug and crash reports(which has all finally been resolved) along with many changes inside of the main exports to make development more smooth.

Whether in forum, reddit, irc chat, etc we have taken the time to listen to each and every comment, post and opinion about the Game Pencil Engine. With Chase primarily improving the visuals on the website and me creating the IDE & Export updates time has been very scarce.


One reason this update has taken longer than expected was many hours were used to promote and update our Steam Greenlight Page.


The reason updates are processed slow is to prevent “daily releases” for unexpected bugs. Each update is essentially a huge patch to solve bugs and also add many core features. Without an auto-updater I’m currently keeping updates slow until we have an auto-updater in process to make transitioning between version as smooth as a glass of wine on a Thursday afternoon.

The changelog is continually growing and the I’ve been adding features in the engine as I build tutorials for new users. Version 1.0.2 will launch very soon with a few new tutorials, examples and demos on the site for new users.

With Agriduel, Soldier Blood and Command Throne all being developed in the Game Pencil Engine only great things are set to come in the coming months.

In terms of release expect to have 1.0.2 before the end of August[possibly sooner] on both Windows & Linux.


All in all, expect great things in the near future.