Good afternoon fellow game developers,


With the recent releases of Game Pencil including Linux editors we have failed to inform our friends using OSX developers that they are not forgotten or forsaken. Earlier this year we produced a working editor for OSX. The editor as you may know is made entirely from C++ and SDL. The gui is custom made from me(Nathan Hurde) and works on OSX. The OSX version is simply not available yet due to me not personally owning a new OSX device.


What this means is that I will be vetting friends with mac computers to allow me to install X-Code or CodeBlocks along with SDL to re-compile the Game Pencil Engine editor.


There is no incompatibilities in my C++ code it is simply a matter of the lack of an OSX device.


I plan to use a friend’s mac by the end of this week, if not by early November to ensure an equal platform for all developers.


So be on the lookout.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at


I look forward to seeing the Game Pencil Editor on your beautiful Retina displays in the coming weeks.


Have a great week!