We’re proud today to announce that Version 1.12 is now in Public Beta. Many life obstacles caused this release to be delayed time and time again; but it is by far the most important release since version 1.0.


Editor Source Code Finally Released!

We weren’t just sitting back and binging on Game of Thrones and BoJack Horseman  since the last update. We were making new things, and making changes to improve  your experience and exported gems.

The changes made to the editor and engine can be found [here].

Game Pencil Engine then and now


The editor was mainly the source of change in 1.12 as well as fixed errors. The biggest update of 1.12 is the correction to a nasty bug in the scene editor’s handling of layers.

Keep fostering that community of sharing

If you are creating tutorials, examples, assets and themes we encourage you to upload them to itch.io under the “gamepencil” and/or “gamepencilengine” tags.


Please note Version 1.1.2 is considered a BETA Build of the Editor and Engine. As such it comes with many warning messages especially in the regard to saving/loading projects and resources. Please backup all GPE projects in the unlikely event you may want to remain in 1.0.3 or earlier versions.

OSX Support?

In regards to OSX, I plan to soon buy an OSX or borrow a trusted friend’s device. Based on previous attempts for OSX the keyboard shortcuts may need some reworking. More information to come in the coming months. With the editor’s source code now being readily available OSX users are encouraged to build editor via CodeBlocks or their own compiler. Due to lack o expertise in creating makefiles, there is no attatched makefile in the source code.

All bugs reports are crucial going forward.

Please do not hesitate to report problems via  our forums or even our discord chat.

We have added a Bug Reporting Repository to GitLab. So please do not hesitate to report any issues here.

Thank you for your support!


Thank you once again for your patience.



I hope to see your masterpieces in the future.


Nathan Hurde

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