Last Updated October 10, 2017

So after releasing 1.12 something was not right, something was quite wrong. Something as not right and so I typed this song.


So I did more investigations and had more people try out the Engine and editor and compiled a list of things to work on for Versions 1.13 and beyond.


Bug Fixes on their way

  • Backgrounds not showing up in realtime( Was due to reckless code error in set_background function).  Corrected
  • Empty media resources were not taken into account in real-time. Will fix it by adding IS_NULL values to gpe.rsm lists.


Updates on the way


  • Project Browser
    • New Tab system to sort through categories of projects.
      • In future Examples will be categorized by difficulty.
    • Will now place example projects in browser browser( Thanks GTMalachias for finding bug)
  • Scene Editor
    • Scene Editor will have transparent tiles as seen in the sprite editor.
      • Option to simply see background color will be in Editor Settings as well as Scene Editor Settings


Code Obfuscation on the way


  • Currently experimenting with adding Google Closure to real time. This will probably hit in 1.15 and beyond…

More Examples on the way


  • Split screen example coming
  • Ultra basic RPG example coming


I’m flying to New York on Thursday, so the goal is to post an update before I leave no matter how mini that update includes this time around.

For a more real-time updates in development see our roadmap on trello.

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