Hello World Tutorial [JS]

(This is a Public Draft ) This tutorial will help you create a "Hello World" application which basically showcases how to program game logic and render to the screen.   --

Tutorials are funded through donations from people like you. We encourage you to please donate to keep work on Game Pencil. Every dollar helps us create new tutorials, examples and new features.

Difficulty Level : Beginner

By the end of this tutorial, you will recreate the example HTML5 App seen below: (more…)

By Nathan, ago

Game Pencil Engine Version 1.13 Release Candidate is Live!

We're proud today to announce that Version 1.13 Release Candidate  is now Live! We hope this version brings a greater amount of flexibility, usefulness and more. Game Pencil Engine is once again closer to it's goal of professionalism and multi-platform compatibility.

7 Great Updates Applied!

We weren't just getting lost in New York and hoping New Donk City is easier to navigate since the last update. We were making new things, and making changes to improve  your experience and exported gems. The changes made to the editor and engine can be found [here]. (more…)

By Nathan, ago