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Game Pencil Engine Changelog

Version 1.0.1 Changelog

General Editor & Gui Changes
-Config folder added to editor folder
–Font Choice file added to config folder
-PushButtons and LabelButtons height changed
-PushButtons are now able to be clickable for specific URLs.
-Selectbox remove option bug fixed so remaining option remains highlighted
-External Editor Launch Button given airplane icon
-Ship & Run Project icon changed to game controller
-Corrected resizing glitch on theme change in editor.
-Beta state removed from editor.
-License tab corrected in About Page.
-Toolbar License Menu renamed to “EULA”.
-Theme tab removed from Editor Settings Page.
-Updated Save All Projects Icon to differ from regular save-floppy disk.
-Active Panel is now highlighted.
-General Font changed to Candera with the Default Font(DroidSans Mono) used as fallback.
-Text Input and Code Editor font(DroidSans Mono) remains unchanged.
-Drop down menus visuals improved..
-Added Help Page to Editor based [ able to access from toolbar and startpage and CTRL+B]
-File & Webpage open script now ecapes location to correct previous windows error message for some users.
-Eliminated application crashing bug on empty numberfields.
-Added “CTRL+Tab” and “CTRL+Tab+Shift” shortcuts
-File Browser scrolling now needs to have mouse within the file/directory browser
-Added multiline get prompt for word-wrapped text.

Start Page Changes
-Added button link to forums
-Added Help Button

Scene Editor Changes
-Background selectbox titled properly.
-Extras/Statistics tab removed.

Object Editor Changes
-Load Resource Button Removed from Object Editor
-New custom function is now selected in Object Editor

Sprite Editor Changes
-Sprite Editor’s dimensions label properly labeled “Image Dimensions” instead of “image width”.
-Margin removed from editor pane
-Rename box & push buttons width maxed out
-Confirmation process is activated even if data fields are in use.

Tilesheet Editor Changes
-Margin removed from editor pane

Audio Editor
-Audio Editor added note that MP3 Files are not playable in editor and require license to use.

Video Editor
-Video Editor added note that playback is not supported in editor.

Project Settings
-HTML5 Export Tab updated
–HTML5 Export window close confirmation added.

Text/Function/Code Editor
-Up/Down keys fixed while typing.
-Buttonbar tool-tips now visible
-Delete key bug fixed on unable to remove
-Scrolling now happens on hover and also using scrollbars;

Resourcebar Changes
-Resourcebar title width changed to full bar width versus title width.
-Resourcebar renders new line under new project and resource type

Theme coloring upgrade
-Light them reskinned
-Input fields given separate colors from main boxes.
-Added more colors for popup menus
-Added new color for line count box.
-Folders now given special color for themes [mainly for resource menu)
-Icons given special color for themes.

Game Pencil Exported Engine(s) Changelog

-HTML5 Export
–Window close confirmation added.
–Project Macros exported into gpe_app.js file.
–Added move_towards functionality
–Added set_velocity functionality
–Slightly updated start page to show new PawByte logo.
-Wii U
–Project Macros exported into gpe_app.js file.
–Added move_towards functionality
–Added set_velocity functionality
–Slightly updated start page to show new PawByte logo.

***​Please note, there may be other changes made; but these were ones recorded during development and human memory.