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We currently accept donations through the Patreon service for sustainability.

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Your donation helps fund the continued development of the Game Pencil Engine. Your funds will go to:

  • Development time for new features to the editor and engine.
  • Pay for artists to provide high quality content for example, tutorials and video.
  • Pay for development kits to port engine to new platforms.
  • Pay third party developers for code that is beyond the reach of current contributors.
  • Pay for marketing materials and events related to Game Pencil Engine


What is Patreon?

Patreon is a service where you can pledge to send a regular payment to creators, so they can support themselves and keep making new stuff.

Patreon in my opinion is better for creators than advertising, paid licenses, “deluxe editions” or sponsorship. The game engine is 100% uncompromised, payment is more predictable and crowd-funded, and creators do not need to lock content behind paywalls or fear new releases of source code.

Patreon means that creators serve their viewers, not advertisers or corporate sponsors. And where the viewers choose what deserves to be made and who deserves a voice.


Thank you for your support!