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Discord Chat Server is now Live!

Hello game developers, First of all, Happy New Year! Last year we were able to release Game Pencil Engine to the masses, this year we are going bigger and beyond! Besides releasing multiple titles using the Game Pencil Engine in 2017, we plan to provide greater community support, nicer documentation and a better product. To […]

Game Pencil Spooky Sale is now live!

  What a good time is it to be alive? The Cubs are facing the Indians in the World Series. New platforms announced and behold an insane sale appears.   For just five days you can purchase the Deluxe Edition of the Game Pencil engine for 90% OFF! The engine and editor valued at $50 […]

macOS Editor coming very soon!

  Good afternoon fellow game developers,   With the recent releases of Game Pencil including Linux editors we have failed to inform our friends using OSX developers that they are not forgotten or forsaken. Earlier this year we produced a working editor for OSX. The editor as you may know is made entirely from C++ […]

September 20th Release Candidate is here!

Good afternoon! I’m sure a lot of people already know this if you follow us on Twitter, but today I’m proud to say that the Game Pencil Engine IDE is now available on Linux. It is essentially the same experience as the Windows version with some platform-specific changes. Please begin the testing via our […]

Version 1.0.2 is around the corner with tons of new features, new platforms and developer OS support

  It has been over a month since the last update for the Game Pencil Engine. Time and time again I have wanted to simply just push out the newest updates; but I decided to make sure all of the stuff in the key vision of Game Pencil was implemented.   Below is a video […]

Updated Version 1.0.2 coming very soon

Updated Version 1.0.2 coming very soon Since the release of Version 1.0.1 the amount of users dramatically increased of the Game Pencil Engine. This is primarily because of the release of the two separate deluxe and free versions. There were many bug and crash reports(which has all finally been resolved) along with many changes inside […]

Game Pencil is now on Steam Greenlight!

After a pleasant launch on we are setitng our eyes towards a Steam release. To do this we must first get Greenlit.   With that we need your help. Using your Steam account please visit¬† and vote your level of support for the engine.   I believe in only a matter of days, we […]