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Game Pencil Engine 1.0.1 is now available!

July 9, 2016, Chicago, IL USA   June 2016 the world was introduced to the first stable version of the Game Pencil Engine. After applying many key updates, bug fixes and functionality today I’m pleased to announce the first key update is available.   The Game Pencil Engine was originally released only in the commercial/deluxe […]

Version 0.2 Engine Release is imminent!

  Hello you all,   It has been nearly a year since the last public testing of the engine and I will like to say, so many new features, tools, menus, etc have been done to make Version 0.2 stable that I’m almost at tears at the fruit of my hard work.   With that […]

Game Pencil Updates – It’s polishing time!

It has been some time since I updated our site and it’s mainly because I’ve been busy making intense updates to the game pencil engine. Creating a GUI from scratch to make a new IDE from scratch with an engine from scratch sounds like torture to some, and believe me it has been. But fear […]

Public Beta 0.2 temporarily delayed

Greetings It is with much heartfelt pain that I regret to inform you that Version 0.2 has been delayed. Due to many unforeseen problems and operational issues I was not able to fix some crucial areas within the code to make it possible to keep your projects in the best state. Rather than providing a buggy version […]

Adding Touching Features for November 16 release

Developing the Game Pencil Engine and Editor has been an intense experience.   Currently, i am finishing up some key components in the editor and I must say, there is a possibility that some aesthetics may or may not make the November 16th beta.  The Linux and Mac versions of the editor may not be […]

Public Beta coming November 16th

Hello guys and gals, After much delay I am happy to let you know we will be bringing you the first official beta version of Game Pencil Engine on November 16th. So mark your calendars and get ready to get your gamedev on!

Alpha Version 0.1.1 is now available for download

Can’t believe that April 27th, came so fast. Well I was able to get a basic alpha version of the editor up and public. Although it seems like a midnight release for April 28th, I’m happy we still met our deadline with just half an hour to go Chicago time. You can download the editor […]