Version 1.31 final objectives

In case you didn’t know we released Version 1.3.0 on a few days ago. Mainly I have been using our  Discord server, Twitter  and also through our Patreon page as a way to keep the community informed of updates. But every now and then I find it important to update the Read more…

Game Pencil Engine Version 1.10 Beta Released


We’re proud today to announce that Version 1.10 is now in Public Beta. It truly took lots of man-hours, research, experimentation, determination and code pioneering to bring forth this new update to the new era of the Game Pencil Engine.

Over 100 Crucial Updates Applied!

We weren’t just sitting back and playing Breath of the Wild since the last update. We were making new things, and making changes to improve  your experience and exported gems.

The changes made to the editor and engine can be found [here].


Discord Chat Server is now Live!

Hello game developers, First of all, Happy New Year! Last year we were able to release Game Pencil Engine to the masses, this year we are going bigger and beyond! Besides releasing multiple titles using the Game Pencil Engine in 2017, we plan to provide greater community support, nicer documentation Read more…