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Make 2D HTML5 Games

Make WiiU Games

(Nintendo Licensed Developers Only)

Great Community

Great Package Store

Great Tutorials

Beta Access

Multiple Projects Per Editor

Custom Editor Theming

Project Extas Tab

Funds Future Engine Development 

Multiplayer Game Support*3

Frequent Stable Updates

Commercial Use License


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Forum Based

100 MAX

PC / Mac / Linux




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PC / Mac / Linux


$10 [ 80% Off! ]

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Version 1.0.3RC is now available now for Windows & Linux!

Create games now using the Game Pencil Engine

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Why upgrade?

  • Multiple project editing.
  • Access to Beta builds of the engine.
  • Commercial license for your projects.
  • Resource Limit uncapped.
  • Remove upgrade notice from your application.
  • Support future upgrades to the engine.


*1 – The world unlimited is dependent on limitation of user hardware and software, including but not solely dependent on RAM, CPU, GPU, Disk Space, etc.
*2 – OSX editors are in private beta and are not available yet to the public pending a few tweaks.
*3 – Multiplayer support has yet to be integrated into the Game Pencil Engine ( as of Version 1.0.1) and is currently in development for later versions.

Last Updated November 16, 2016 09:23 CST.