Game Pencil Engine Changelog

Version 1.1.3 Changelog

#7 KEY changes made…


The following is the changelog for the upcoming release of 1.1.3.  A few more changes are expected before the public release is made.


[Critical Changes]
-Empty media resource bug corrected[ Textures, Tilesheets and Sprites)
-Background Layer not displaying bug corrected.
-Code refactored to create clear layer difference between Editor, GUI and Engine/Wrapper.
-New System looks as follows
-Editor (coupled with a few editor specific GUI classes and functions
-Calls PGUI( temporary name)
-Calls Game Pencil C++ runtime
-Wraps SDL and handles file io, console, etc.
-gpe_editor.cpp is now 10,403 lines intead of 33,031 lines with a few functions to be possibly moved to new files.
[General Stabilization and Optimizations made.]
-Dependency tree restructured
-Many compiler warnings fixed.
-“Alpha” suffix changed to “Release Candidate”
-Updated Credits

[Engine changes]
-Html5 Export
-Corrected background layer bug in which scenes were not showing background layer data.
-Wii U Export
-See Html5 Export changes

[“Pawbituous Compiler” upgrades]

[General Editor & Gui Changes]
Bottom Log/Search Panel
File Open/Save Menu

Input Field Changes

Text Editor Changes
-Code moved to text_editor.cpp and text_editor.handles
-Optimized to depend on new Syntax highlighter
-Only checks for highlighted terms if is a code editor.

[General Editor & Compiler Settings]
-Editor & Gui Settings changes made
-Added HideXScroll and HideYScroll to GuiList object.
-Functionailty added as well in process and render functions.
-Tip of the Day now uses this new feature.
-Project Browser Header List now uses this new feature.

-Compiler Tab / Section
-Preparation for future obfuscation functions

-External Editors

[Functon Editor Changes]
-Function code integrated into Search System.

[Audio Editor Changes]

[Video Editor Changes]

[Font Editor Changes]

[Sprite Editor Changes]

[Texture Editor Changes]

[Tilesheet Editor Changes]

[Path Editor Changes]

[Object Editor Changes]
-Corrected function editor code where improper NULL check was happening.

[Scene Editor Changes]
-Added transparent background to be visible in scene editor.
-General speed improvements and bug fixes applied.

[Project Properties/Settings Changes]

[About Page Changes]
-Added GUI and GPE(runtime) information lines.

[Help Page Changes]
-Added GUI and GPE(runtime) information lines.

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