We’re proud today to announce that Version 1.13 Release Candidate  is now Live! We hope this version brings a greater amount of flexibility, usefulness and more. Game Pencil Engine is once again closer to it’s goal of professionalism and multi-platform compatibility.

7 Great Updates Applied!

We weren’t just getting lost in New York and hoping New Donk City is easier to navigate since the last update. We were making new things, and making changes to improve  your experience and exported gems.

The changes made to the editor and engine can be found [here].

Game Pencil Engine then and now

There are many changes, additions and corrections that may not be acknowledged in the above change log due to some days I did not log all of the changes I made.

One of the biggest change to this version is code refactoring. Before all the code for the editor was 1 giant lump with lots of spaghetti code. Now there is a strict hierarchy between the Editor, GUI, SDL2  and the GPE Engine.


The advances to the syntax highlighter is also quite present in this update with much to come in the future.


Keep fostering that community of sharing

If you are creating tutorials, examples, assets and themes we encourage you to upload them to itch.io under the “gamepencil” and/or “gamepencilengine” tags.


Please note Version 1.1.3 is considered a Release Candidate Build of the Editor and Engine. As such it comes with many warning messages especially in the regard to saving/loading projects and resources. Please backup all GPE projects in the unlikely event you may want to remain in 1.1.1 or earlier versions.


Windows 32Bit Editor ready for download

In order to remain compatible with 32-bit systems I have chosen to compile the editor as a 32-bit application. In the future I plan to provide both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

Both Personal and Deluxe Edition are available for download now at itch.io.

All bugs reports are crucial going forward.

Please do not hesitate to report problems via  our forums or even our discord chat.

We have added a Bug Reporting Repository to GitLab. So please do not hesitate to report any issues here.

Thank you for your support!


Thank you once again for your patience.


I hope to see your masterpieces in the future.


Nathan Hurde