Game Pencil Engine has been out for about for nearly 1.5 years and it has been quite an evolving engine and project. It started off as a closed-source JS game engine and has evolved into an open source game engine with constant support thanks in part to our Patreon backers and our ambition.


One thing that has been learned is how valuable is the structure of Game Pencil and our philosophy for essentially plug-and-play game development. No need to get too bulky when no one is making a 3D graphics intensive MMO with your engine. Thanks to the GitHub page we made HUUUUUUUGE optimizations, code restructures and even a cleaner product. One thing that has not escaped us is the JavaScript language and its many flaws.


Game Pencil’s main focus has always been consoles and desktops. JavaScript’s current speed makes it a bit difficult to maintain 60 FPS that many games require and demand. So on that note and the extensive knowledge of C++ that has only grown thanks to the “home-made editor, gui, etc” we are going to push our ambition even further and “remake the hybrid” that may be the key to maintaining beginners and advanced users. What this means is that starting with Version 1.3 we will allow game projects to be programming-language based. We will maintain two separate-runtimes and compilation phases. One being C++(pure native) and the other being JavaScript( for those HTML5, Electron/NWF packaged games). 


The C++ version will follow the same structure as the JavaScript “brother run-time”, but will of course have extra features for things like networking, file-management, resource handling, etc. As 2017 comes to an end we hope to have a usable Release Candidate for you in time for Christmas with all of these changes and remarkable updates. 


Why C++ and not C#?

The decision to use C++ instead of C# is because of our extensive experience with C++ and abilities to make games in it versus C#. C# is quite the popular language with things like Unity3D spearheading most C# game based development. If we were to attempt to implement C# it would take more time to “learn the language” than to make a usable game engine. Our focus is to release PawByte games in a language we are fluent in versus “slightly competent in”. Although C++ may be seen as more “complicated” to use and/or learn it is the best option for us going forward.


If you have not already backed our Patreon campaign, please consider a donation to help support this evolving dual-language engine.

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