Happy New Year and holidays to everyone.

It has been sometime since the last update as well as blog post. I hate to just read fluff in many blog posts, so with that I will just cut to the chase.

Game Pencil Engine is now entering an internal development cycle

I have spent a good amount of my young years developing Game Pencil Engine from its HTML5 build, it’s C/C++ editor and runtime to the GUI, etc. It is indeed a massive project and codebase. The goal was for the project to be commercially viable on it’s on, but that has not turned out to the case. With a patreon campaign met with dismal support I have had to get a full time job. This has left me with no time to “feature creep” or build out Game Pencil Engine to become an “industry competitor” to The Big Four game engines out there.

The time money and resources are just not available to make it compete on a grand scheme. With that said, all features going forward unless paid specifically by a user or team will be made to fit the development routine of what PawByte game is in development.

Feature requests are are now paid features only

With the source code already available on GitHub, I have received numerous feature requests. This could be that some users do not have free time to make wanted feature or do not understand C/C++ or Javascript. I understand, but due to the limitation of free time I can not develop anymore requests features unless they are paid features by a community member.

The Project will remain Open Source

The non-console specific code for Game Pencil will remain open source. I am not announcing this to become a closed source project. But the update cycles will not be monthly going forward. In 2018 I barely released any updates as I was working jobs as well as finally becoming a new employee of a great business unrelated to the Gaming Industry.

All in all, 2019 will be a great year for Game Pencil Engine

My first game I plan on developing will be an action adventure game using Game Pencil Engine’s tech and editor.  So each Game Pencil update will essentially happen along every snag I run into while developing this game.

Planned features for 2019

  • Game Controller support for both editor, gui and engine
  • Console support for major next-generation consoles
  • C++ build scripts built into Game Pencil’s Editor.
  • Release of editor dock system.
  • Particle system
  • Lighting system
  • A few more secrets for 2019.


Next release candidate coming very soon

I do not want to give out a specific release date, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for the future update that will start 2019 off to a glorious start.

Thank you again for your support. Please be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or join our Discord server. Thank you and have a great year!


-Yours truly,


Nathan Hurde

Founder of PawByte